Blogger bits....

I haven't written enough recently.

I still want to write about:

  • Seeing Hamilton
  • My lack of interest in baseball
  • Summer
  • The importance of one-on-one time with children (especially when you have more than one child).
  • Special needs parenting
But those deserve more time.

The summer is moving along. The summer is beautiful in the Northeast because it's not eternal. Just as relationships aren't eternal, to borrow from Buddhism. Summer is for family and family time, visiting with friends and being outside. If someone asked my my perfect summer, it would be time with friends and family spent outdoors. I think I've done enough of the "you gotta do XXX before you die" and I've certainly seen some great entertainment. Spent most of the day today with my daughter. As I watched her sleep I saw how big she's getting physically. She's always been mature and always been a leader - she's growing into it now. My son is so smart and calm but has some of my sad streak in me. Fortunately he doesn't have the anger, at least in an uncontrollable way.

So I guess I'll leave it at that... it's a good summer.  

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