intimate fragments

some of the things I like that I've written I can't really publish anymore. It's not because the meaning is gone, but just the subject matter...

(somehow at this point you become
so close to me that I am covered by you
in places no one else can reach
or see or touch or perceive)

It's almost like an embarrassing cobweb that surrounds a beautifully depicted thought...


Shelton in autumn, late in youth
My brother and sister are both children
Without those temptations we all have now
Shelton in the weekend and in the car ride on the way back
Unbelievable, to me, now your familiar is my foreign
You are taken away and your streets are yours
And I am a visitor in my own family
Meredith plays soccer and I watch and ryan plays in unfamiliar woods
You can’t believe it until you see
This was still part of my family.
Now they are grown up
And the families they know are different than me
I am depressed a bit like a Shelton oak tree in November, a little naked

but it's in the pastttt... extra t for sleepiness...

I'm pretty content