A few old Random ones...


When you take away the words from me
You do it with the inaudible things you say between words
Or the way you only cry on one side
Your tears, in fact, are more beautiful than most people’s smiles
The rest on the side of your eye and slide to the side
Never making it past your cheek
On top of your hand, above your middle finger
How the bone sticks out just there
And I know why it does
In fact, there is no one who knows you like I do
No matter how many embraces you have in your life
Laguna Beach

the ocean in front of me circles the world and still
takes the time to run through my toes
yet sometimes, my heart, it does not beat like this ocean flows
it rings with a belle
driven by this water's borrow blue centered
in two slight blue heavens that can engulf me from 3,000 miles away
and can make me paused timelessly while the world goes on
until i see you again
until then i am partial and feeble
and the pacific waves and sunset are black-and-white
(without any of the blue that makes your eyes)
and this just makes me lack you like a thirst without a mouth
how, me, myself, so powerful and poised like this ocean
becomes so evaporated so quickly
by every word that passes through your two lips ...
those flickering distant lights, either on the shore or sky
if this was the atlantic they could be you
and all the same with the same borrowed blue from your irises
This reminds me that i am more alive than i could ever have been in my whole life.

there was this softman
working the checkout at the grocery store
with man hands and women eyes
ears pierced somewhere in between
i felt gay looking at her
she was the softest man I ever saw

she wore mans jeans to cover her female things
and her words had these pauses in between them
as if spoken from a paper with too many spaces
she had these eyes
and cheeks that made me want to kiss them
she was the softest man I ever saw

her shoulders looked like mine, hulking,
i should have feared that
but i wanted to touch (they were still smooth)
and the crested thighs on top of her knees
the buckling muscles
would have been wonderful to caress
he was the softest man I ever saw

we went through the pleasantries
i felt the familiarity of this woman’s eyes
covered by her masculinity
and i checked out
i wanted to put whatever was under her belt in my lips
or my palms
she was the softest man I ever saw