How this Blog got it's name? Light Dangling in a Dreamroom

So this is my blog. My attempt to motivate myself to write something other than silly fiction, novel parts and constant IM messages. Until I find my true Blogging calling, it's going to probably be many older thoughs and poems from the past decade or so.

To start with. How did I get this name?

It came from a poem I wrote a few years back:

your push and pull and pushing shoves and pulls
twisted in the way you step away and toward me, which looks the same
why do I let myself believe the unbelievable?
seductively, the thought of you on your back with me
just becomes too much for me to please anything, anyone
reviewing your steps and looks and steps away and toward
questioning if I am even possible
everyway, like a light dangling in a dreamroom
shadows and brightness around me watching you step
neither toward or away
so I turn cold, so cold, frozen to you
to defend myself
as you walk neither toward or away from my body