College is the tower, local public schools are the foundation

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I don't like that the democrat candidates are talking so much about college tuition/college affordability as I think it would be better to invest in primary and secondary schools rather than "water down" college (or really just throw more money into a system that already increases its cost annually). I am all for spending the money they are talking about on schools.. but spend it at the local public school level - more teachers, better technology, more enrichment/special activities/arts/sports/STEM. Doing this will make an (already) free to-the-student public education much more valuable than just throwing money into college (and add value to college with better prepared students). I do, however, like that Obama has put an emphasis on 2-year/community colleges as some of these programs are a real game-changer for students who attend - many career-path based programs.

Pretty much half and half democrats and republicans (or neither, really) had some comments to agree with this. I wonder how out of touch the democrat candidates really are with what's going on. Well, at least they won't start a bunch of senseless wars or do awful things to gays or muslims...


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they yelled "Benghazi" like I yelled "Yahtzee"

I was in some public place the other day where Fox News was on with the headline "Can Clinton survive latest scandal?" You gotta give them credit - Republicans now I have national propaganda and distraction network disguised as news specifically tailored for the conservative mind-set - that they can have on at train stations, airports and McDonalds.

They created Benghazi.

It's time to:

Some of the right's more ridiculous strategies (blame Iraq on Obama, blame 9/11 on Bill Clinton) get very little play because they are so far-fetched that they can't come up with compelling info-graphics to make the story have any legs.

Then there's Benghazi. Benghazi has had more right-wing media attention and more congressional hearings than 9/11 now. Do you remember how poor the investigation was on 9/11 and who in our government was culpable? Why don't we talk about those warnings.... certainly more than 2 people died in 9/11?

Benghazi did require some investigation. Mistakes were made. Mistakes were made in Beirut and yet republicans don't yell "Beirut" at Reagan like they are yelling "Benghazi" at Clinton - like they are yelling "Yahtzee" in a dice game.

I still believe the democrats aren't perfect, still describe them as the lesser of two evils - but the Republican party hypocrisy is a far cry from the democrats "mediocrity problem". If I was a democrat strategist, I'd come up with a pre-election day strategy pointing out just how brainwashed some republican voters are .. clips of the same people saying "blindly support our president" when we invaded Iraq and saying "Obama is a war criminal"... show the numbers of Iraqi civilians killed (100s of thousands) vs. civilians killed by drones (100s). Shame the living hell out of these people. Expose how stupid their logic (or lack there of) is. I'd even make it comical... satire Fox News (I don't mean teethless-MSNBC) with right-wing attack coverage against Saint Reagan and GWB. They need to be humiliated and made to feel incredible stupid - maybe they will be shamed into not voting. Call them stupid. Tell them way. Use simple graphics. I don't know.

I have no trouble voting locally for republicans, or any part for that matter. No one should vote party line, especially locally because you will elect some awful people there that parties have nominated just to fill the ballot. But in national elections... be weary of the R.


...shorter Ben Carson

shorter Ben Carson...

Obamacare is like the holocaust... (forcing you to buy health insurance! The humanity of it all!)

ok... now lets talk Muslims... they shouldn't be president. They are immoral. You can't trust them. (Sounds like what Hitler said about the Jews).

Seriously, if you know someone who is going to vote for this clown you better plan to slash their tires on election day.