How can I vote for you?

I consider myself pretty open-minded and sensible. I tend to rely more than anything on logic. I'd like to try to consider voting for members of all political parties. But, America, how can I?

Maybe it's just common sense but I don't think Mexicans are ruining America, I don't think Barack Obama is a secret Muslim communist, nor do I think Islam is bad. I don't believe gay marriage affects anyone who is not gay. I refuse to hide behind a church and/or think of the minority boogeyman as the cause of all my problems. 

Pick a worse set of actions: 1. selling arms to Iran while supporting the country they are fighting against and an embassy bombing that killed 100 US Marines that was warned... or 2. a treaty with Iran that ends their sanctions and an embassy bombing that killed 2 Americans. I want to ask "Who ordered the 'code red' on this one." Obama is not divisive, he's mediocre (I'll fault him on things, even though statistically fewer police have been killed during his presidency than Bush, Clinton or Reagan, I'll stay say he should have taken a strong stand on defending police), The same people who say he is divisive may be the same ones who say that "2" was worse than "1" above. Saint Reagan, of course. Reagan didn't fight wars and didn't get our troops killed. I'll give him credit there. Unfortunately many republican political candidates think we need to be less-Reagan like.

Scott Walker has said we may need to take action against Iran "day one" in opposition to Jeb Bush. Somehow Jeb Bush has almost become the sensible one among the Republicans, claiming that Donald Trump, is trying to insult his way to the presidency and Mike Huckabee who has almost become a conservative folk hero-saturday afternoon cartoon character. We've got elected representatives who run on Obama being a secret Muslim and building "the wall" because Obama is "taking away people's guns". Where's the proof? People voting on emotion, motivated by the fear of the minority-they-don't-know-next-door. The republican party is the new leaded gasoline and perhaps more dangerous to the unity of our country. Divisive, not as in the talking-point catch-phrase about Obama, but the actual meaning of the word. Dividing. Us and them. A wall between Mexicans. Guns for the good guys. 

I have my problems with democrats too, but they are much smaller:
If I had five minutes to talk to Bernie Saunders I'd tell him he has education all wrong. The problem isn't the cost of college, it's that many states are cutting costs with primary and secondary schools. When people from the community have to come into your school to teach art or music because they don't have those programs in your school, that's a problem. It's a problem when your school doesn't have special education. It's a problem when you have more Spanish speaking students, most willing and wanting to learn English, but you have no one to teach them. Our schools prepare kids for test taking and "classics", not jobs and careers. Those are problems. Not a middle-class white American sitting at a decent job but not able to buy a nicer car or go on 2 vacations because of college loans - that is not a problem.

I guess I'll vote for Gary Johnson again. 

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