I think what I have liked most about the pope's visit to the United States is that his message is faith. Too many politicians have tried to spin or feign anguish over the views of the pope and the Catholic Church.

While I certainly don't agree with all views of the Catholic Church (especially on gay marriage or abortion), I feel like I can understand where Pope Francis's views come from - a genuine respect for life and family. While I may disagree about when life starts and what makes a family, I feel that life and family are important - as important as any thing in our lives - even relating to this as an amateur genealogist or a father or co-worker - the importance of life and those in our lives should be paramount. When Pope Francis speaks about peace - this is like Christ - the prince of peace. I feel this is what Pope Francis believes and speaks to believe to us.

Seeing the horrible tragedy at Mecca with the pilgrims on their Hajj, I am heart-broken. As I heard a muslim cleric say today - the Hajj is a surrounding of all sorts of life in peace. People of a joined faith putting aside the trivial hatred of life - generated from the "lack" of things we "need". When all we need is faith and each other.

We should all be one family at one table. There is more on this planet than we need to survive. There is also, regardless of what any dogma says, enough on this planet not just to feed us but to have us flourish in happiness. We must strive for that.

Faith should unite us, not divide us. As a Christian, I feel embarrassed sometime to bring up my faith, as if it means I am "better" than others.. as if it means I'm "right" and others aren't. But to me, faith is more about a view of the world and what created it. And that we can all be one within the world, even if we say different prayers. The heart can still be good.

You'd only hope someday our nation can be the same way. One, again. There seems to be so much power in keeping us divided even when opposing sides want the same thing. Peace. Prosperity. Faith. Hope. Love.

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