Next (non blog) writing project

I've decided this year I want to complete manuscript #2. Following the advice of Hank Moody to his daughter, I've stuck my first one in a drawer and left it there (yes, I take advice from fictional characters). I'm now deciding which of the following projects to work on. Any thoughts appreciated.

1. A piece about a missing person, loosely based on something that really happened. It turns out after nearly 30 years, someone comes forward with information but the characters mull over the aftermath of going back into their family history. After the police don't investigate the initial tip, the family must decide what to do. I've already got a few twists in mind, which I'm not putting here yet.

2. Three stories about three men raised without fathers and how it affects each of them totally differently (they are all three generation of men, but I've already developed the plot on how each man is raised fatherless). Overlying theme of being an only child as well in here. I've timelined this whole story already, which will be non-chronological. Think "The Hours" meets a guide on how to mess up a family and have mistakes repeat each other.


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