And so it begins...

We all set goals for ourselves. We set them to achieve them. We set them to push ourselves. I'm setting mine to do something for me, for my family, something I want to do for us.

Every summer we go away to the same place in Cape Cod, a rental house in West Yarmouth. The house is small but wonderful. The kids talk about the Cape Cod week all year. I take photos, make videos, form memories. It is beautiful. Since we've had kids, we've been going to the Cape every year. It's a wonderful place for families. It's become familiar. Before we had kids, our annual trip was to Bar Harbor, another beautiful place that qualifies as "New England". A more affordable, but more distant place.

Now for the dream: to be able to have my own little separate corner of the world, in Maine, or should I say "our own" separate corner. A little piece of land. Perhaps at first a little "tiny home"... perhaps nothing more. It starts with the land. I've got places in mind - somewhere between Bangor and Bar Harbor, water front would be nice. Somewhere remote.

To start the dream, I'll need to start saving money... and start saving it aside from what the family brings in every week. I want to do this sooner than later. Selling writing projects. Hustling. Moving things around. That's what it's going to take. It's pretty exciting, not scary. If I fail, I fail. It won't ruin anything.

Wish me luck.

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