Gun Control stat arguments are dumb other than the simplest ones: If you don't have a gun, you won't shoot someone.

Gun Control stat arguments are dumb. "Stats" should be in parenthesis since the Center for Disease Control can't track gun deaths nor does the federal government enforce the existing gun control laws to begin with, let alone pass the most simple reform (no fly list people buying guns).

Had fun with this exchange:

Gun guy: There are stricter gun laws in Chicago than Houston and look how many shootings there are in Chicago compared to Houston.

Other guy: Gun laws are as strict in New York City as Chicago, yet New York City has 10 times fewer shootings per population than Chicago.

Gun guy: Well, that's cause all the bankers live there, besides New York City is a lot larger so it's not a fair comparison.

Other guy: OK, Arkansas has roughly the same population as Connecticut, which has some of the nations stricter laws, yet Arkansas has 3 times more gun deaths than Connecticut.

Gun guy: Connecticut doesn't have any large cities.

Other guy: Other than the fact you just assume shootings are inner cities, Connecticut's 4 largest cities all have higher population density than Arkansas's 4 largest.

Gun guy: Well, Connecticut is a wealthier state with a better standard of living.

Other guy: And liberal democrats and moderate republicans running the state. Also a more secular population. So are you saying that liberal atheists are the key factor in gun safety? I keep reading how bad Connecticut is and the economy, but gun deaths are decreasing there.

I just want to shout out: It's the culture, not the laws.

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