Suicide is 10,000 times more deadly than Terrorism

Let me summarize this: No one cares about mass killings unless the killer is one of the 0.01% of Muslims who are complete evil... then we basically shutdown or alter every institution in this country and do a bunch of stuff that in no way stops (if not it emboldens) that 0.01% from acting again and only stands punish everyone, especially the 99.99% of Muslims who aren't mass murderers. This is not a GOP problem... it is a human problem - they just extort it.

Less than 50 Americans have been killed on US soil since 9/11 by terrorists, but the terrorist news is repeated over, and over, and over to the point where it consumes the masses thoughts. Since 9/11, approximately 500,000 Americans have committed suicide. We are doing absolutely nothing to stop this (and the fact that a lot of these people are mentally ill and a lot of mass killings are committed by mentally ill people). Ask yourself.. how many people do you know who committed suicide? How many people do you know who died in terrorism? You are 10,000 times more likely to kill yourself intentionally than you are to be killed by a terrorist. (we won't even get into accidents or heart disease or cancer)...

Before anyone refutes me, I recommend reading up on some of these facts.. about the psychological studies that have shown that people are more afraid of risks they feel they have no control over, even if they are less "dangerous" than risks they have some control over.

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