College is the tower, local public schools are the foundation

From my facebook page:

I don't like that the democrat candidates are talking so much about college tuition/college affordability as I think it would be better to invest in primary and secondary schools rather than "water down" college (or really just throw more money into a system that already increases its cost annually). I am all for spending the money they are talking about on schools.. but spend it at the local public school level - more teachers, better technology, more enrichment/special activities/arts/sports/STEM. Doing this will make an (already) free to-the-student public education much more valuable than just throwing money into college (and add value to college with better prepared students). I do, however, like that Obama has put an emphasis on 2-year/community colleges as some of these programs are a real game-changer for students who attend - many career-path based programs.

Pretty much half and half democrats and republicans (or neither, really) had some comments to agree with this. I wonder how out of touch the democrat candidates really are with what's going on. Well, at least they won't start a bunch of senseless wars or do awful things to gays or muslims...

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