100 Years From Now... The History Books Will Say...

I think too many people are too inflexible on their political and sociological views. The inflexibility scares me, in a whole, being someone who is unique to a fault. I think we'd all be surprised if we could view the history books 100 years from today...

What if every president after Kennedy and LBJ was viewed as bad presidents, much like those who lead up to Lincoln? I can imagine that Reagan, George W. Bush and Obama would be viewed very similarly - all corporatists and lobby-owned. Children reading about the early 21st century will be shocked to view how differently Obama and Bush were viewed and how polarized the country was. While Reagan was not a polarist, he was from a different time than the second Bush and Obama. I've often theorized as well that Bush and Obama are viewed so poorly by the opposition because of the bias of the media and the ability to chose news totally based on one's beliefs. I generally think Obama will be viewed more favorably than Bush because of fewer wars and Obamacare will be the start of something good. I think the lines between Clinton and Reagan will become more gray as well.

What will entertainment be like in 100 years? Will people actually attend events anymore? Or will it all be electronic/virtual.

Will we run out of internet bandwidth to the point where it is a commodity now like the way we view fossil fuels now?

I think in 100 years our fuel supply will be less of an issue than now. Fission, Solar, Tidal, Wind power... eventually someone will find out how to make a lot of money from these things and money will talk.

Your thoughts on 100 years from now?  

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