The Guest Room #1 - Halloween

Here's a guest post by Stephen Pretak (you may recognize him from finishing about 10 minutes ahead of you in a 10K) on how to enjoy Halloween (of course, this year it looks like we may have some massive hurricane-ish storm ruin it like last year's pre-halloween blizzard - we'll just recycle this for next year if that's the case).

Halloween is approaching quickly. Do you have your costume set? Are you prepared to have some fun and eat some candy?

Check out these Halloween tips to ensure a safe and fun Halloween experience.

 Don't be going trick-or-treating dressed as 2009

Part three here
Editor's Note: What's your craziest Halloween story? I once went to a party with a mask and outfit (Chef from South Park) I could slip over what I was wearing - a typical business casual outfit. Since only about a third of the people at the party were in costume and it was dark and a band was playing, I'd slip into the bathroom and put on my outfit for about 10 minutes and dance wildy to the band then change back and talk to all my friends. None of them (except the guy I drove with) had any idea. I won best costume - and no one knew it was me until the guy I drove with slipped and told our co-workers a week later.

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